Please “But” Out


Things will happen and apologies will be needed.  However, if we negate our apologies with a “But I”…we may lose the heart of the person we are trying to soften…

So please don’t stick your “But I” in with your apology. Man up or Woman up, humble yourselves and, suck it up.  Give the apology and take the heat.

  This way your “but” won’t cause you to get stuck and the heart of the offended can be softened.

It can come across to the person that has been offended by us that we are not genuine and are just saying words. So we must be considerate and not negate the very apology that we are trying to give.

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Prayer Request…Only God Can Fix It


If you can on today just take a few minutes and say a prayer for those that suffer with depression, mental illness and suicidal thoughts. 

We never know what people are thinking or dealing with in their lives…Thank you and to God be the glory.  #depression #recovery

From Training Wheels To Ten Speeds


Life will be made or broken at the place where we meet and deal with obstacles.

E. Stanley Jones

Sometimes we may encounter let downs…Some one may get the promotion over us, we may be down sized on our jobs, a person that was once our subordinate has now become our boss. 

We will all suffer set backs and disappointments in our lives.

  But what we do in those situations will ultimately shape who we are.

Immature people will become jealous and hate on the person that was rewarded the promotion in their stead. A mature person will feel hurt and looked over but they realize that they have a job to do and there will be something better along the way.

Which one are you?  How is your character? Do you turn into the green eyed monster or do you suffer disappointment and recognize that feelings of jealously and immaturity are not for the mature and get back in line?

If we all can be honest…We have experienced what it feels like to be left out and how it feels to be slightly envious of another. However, we don’t have to stay there. Jesus has given us power over the flesh to live a life of maturity.

Yes, someone you feel that is less deserving may get that promotion but what are you going to do? How are you going to act?

So wherever you fall look to improve, none of us are finished products. We have Jesus for a reason and those that are his servants know what the reason is (we are a mess without Him).

So keep this in mind: Adversity doesn’t have to derail us it truly can make us better.

A Pound of Sweat, A Bag Of Seed [Seizing Your Opportunities]


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

Autumn is great. It marks the changing of the seasons.  Autumn like no other season has the aptitude or the knack of reminding us, how hard work will produce much.

Look at the leaves how they begin to change colors signifying how great the harvest was. What was planted can’t hide because of the colorful leaves and beautiful buds that have reach the epics of their prosperity. 

Maturity is all in the air.

I believe this can some up our lives. Maybe not all of our lives but some.  When we seek to prepare ourselves by preparation …We place ourselves in positon to receive a matured harvest.

When we seek to prepare ourselves by preparation we place ourselves in a position to seize any opportunity given to us and we safe guard ourselves against bad decision making.

Lack of preparation will cause a knee-jerk response that can cause us great ruin. It is the farmer that has sacrificed their sleep, comfort and body that will reap a great harvest.

However, the farmer that sleeps during seed times will not accumulate nor reap a valued harvest only an overgrown, poorly kept field that is only worth a “hill of beans.”

So embrace preparation and watch what you have planted grow into something beautiful…

However, if you have prepared and you see that there is not a harvest at least you can place the blame on the conditions of the ground and not the sower of the seed.

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Harvest Time?


There is a season for all things under the sun.  However, the trick is making it count when it is your time.  Some people pull up when they should be planting, Some people play when they should be watering, some sleep when they should be working. 

It is imperative that we work hard in the right season so when growth begins to happen…watchout it’s harvest time.

Jesus commands us to work while it is still day, for the night comes when no man can work. And we need to take advantage of our fields before it is too late.

You know? It is easy to sit by while someone else is doing all the work…However, Jesus declares to us that there will be a day where the lazy will reap what they sow and the diligent will reap what they sow.

So know this, though you haven’t yet experienced the harvest do the work and wait for the rain because soon the vision will speak.  It will be tragic when the rain comes but we aren’t prepared to reap the harvest.

Did You Think God Wanted You to be Super?


Sometimes we feel like we have to walk on water for God. We can apply all kinds of pressure to our lives trying to perform for God (He who knows us best).

But guess what? God is not looking for actors or actresses he is looking for faithful believers.

He wants people that will say, “You know what God, I don’t have it all together, I am a mess but Lord, I will be faithful with your help.” “God here I am send me…broken, bruised an a wretch undone.”

There is a saying that goes like this: “Bloom where you are planted.” We must learn how to work within the gift that the Lord has given us and leave the rest to God.

Our jobs are to avail ourselves to Him. We must make ourselves available and accessible for the Master’s use.

So the next time you think you have to jump over tall buildings in a single bound just remember God is not looking for you to be super…He is just looking for you to be sold out for Him.