Episode 4, Meditating On the Word Of God


This podcast is about sharing principles on how to meditate on the Word of God.  There are many different ways to go about doing this.  However, Mike Anthoni is sharing what has worked for him in his meditation time with the Lord.  I pray that you will enjoy this podcast.  Iron sharpens Iron.

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Making An Impact Podcast Show, Episode 3, Learning to love yourself


This short podcast is about learning to love yourself.  Self-love is so important.  Self love is not being self-centered or selfish. 

However, self love is about having a healthy view of yourself.  Self-love simply says, “I love myself.”  When we love our selves, we love all of the stars and flaws of our being. God created us just the way he wanted.

We don’t have to change our appearance, gender or anything. God loves for who he has created us to be. He loves flaws and all.

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Possessing the Will to Win


The fight for our souls began the moment we were born. Sin, that nature we inherited from our father and mother (Adam and Eve) is innate in us. Adam and Eve who was the express image of God’s perfection traded it all to obey the serpent in the garden of Eden in order to know what it felt to be god-like.

Hmm…intresting the same action that caused him (Satan) to be cast out of heaven with a 3rd of the angels. Consequently, is what he deceived man with thus getting us thrown out of heaven on earth…Wow!

Sin is truly one of the worse things that humanity does best, it comes easy to us.

It is the fools gold of humanity because its yeild is only the fruit of death and nothing good ever comes from sin.

The Bible said, “We were born in sin and shaped in iniquity.” So that would explain why we who were shaped into the image of perfection, and who recieved the breath of life from our Father Jehovah now struggles to live in his image of holiness.

The curse of sin abhors holiness. Holiness always reminds the curse of sin that the state of damnation is not permanent in the Spirit.

The Bible said that, “God breath into the nostrils of Adam and man became a living soul.” The curse of sin can’t touch the breath of God only the flesh of man. So this should be good news to those that want to be regenerated in Christ Jesus.

Regeneration Is A Must

What is regeneration? Regeneration simply means to be Renewed, Restored, Revived. Oh my Goodnesses, I am getting happy right here!

Holy living however difficult is not impossible in Christ Jesus.

The Devil with great alacrity tries to wage war in our minds and fill our souls and hearts with filth. It is in the mind of the believer were we can experience some of the most fieriest fighting for our souls.

Also, it is in the mind were we can enjoy some of the greatest victories. Hallelujah! The good news is God didn’t leave us powerless, He made us powerful in Christ Jesus. 

The regeneration of our souls when we accept Jesus as our personal Savior and Lord bequeaths unto us the power over sin. It gives us the power to break every chain and releases us from the baggage (some that was forced upon us and some we willingly sought after).

But are we really ready to win a winnable fight. In spite the lies of the devil and others this fight is very winnable. But are you tough enough? You should be because you have Jesus as your Lord!

The Bible says that we are overcomers.  James 4:7, says “Submit to God and resist the Devil and he will flee.”

 So the question is are we ready to tell our bodies what they can’t have, and minds what they can’t think? 

So the question is not can we come out from amoung these things…The question is will we come out from amoung these things using the power of Jesus Christ. 

God bless.

Take Away

We were born into this world with baggage. However, though we have things that we have to fight daily, God the Father has given us Jesus and Jesus has given us his Holy Spirit to overcome the enemy. So use the power of Jesus’ Spirit and His word to win.


Father in the name of Jesus please help us to discover the winner within. We know that You have given us power to be winners but forgive us when we have chosen the losing path. I pray Lord that you will bless us mighty God make us victorious in every weak area in our lives. We bless You God and we love You in Jesus name amen.

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Walking The Tight Rope


Have you ever been to the circus and watched the performers walk the tight rope? I have always been fascinated with the bravery of these people. They put their trust in this thin piece of cable. It will only take one little slip up and they can seriously injure themselves.

However, the performers continue to trust their preparation and that dreaded cable.

We must be the same way with God. We must be brave and step out on the cable of faith and trust that God will keep us.

But who do we put our faith and trust in? It is so easy to fall into the trap of putting our trust in people, things or even ourselves.

However, none of these things have the the ability to keep us over the long haul.

We must seek to fasten our hope to the eternal things. The temporal things like: Money, people, power, toys (cars, houses, devices, earthly pleasures) are just temporary. These things (temporal things) are made for our earthly use and pleasures not our godly purpose.

God has made it clear that if we would trust Him in all things, he would faithfully and lovingly bring us through this life.

Proverbs 3:5-6 says, Trust in the Lord with all your heart, And lean not on your own understanding; In all your ways acknowledge Him, And He shall direct your paths.

As we are seeking our purpose in God we can have hope that God has the answers to our greatest needs. So, I think we must rely on Him with our whole heart.

Turning It All Over To Him


What does that look like? Good question. When we are feeling lost, broken, frustrated or doubtful about tomorrow we will pray instead of worrying about what comes next in our lives. We will set our hearts on pleasing the Master and forsake self gratifying desires.

When we say we trust God… We are saying, “Lord I know you have my best interest at heart and whatever you decide I am going to be okay with it.”

Trusting God doesn’t mean we will like every decision that He makes on our behalf. However, trusting God means: I know that you know what you are doing God and though I don’t understand why or even how I am going to overcome this obstacle…I will rely on you to make a way.

The Blueprint

Life has its many challenges and complexities but life doesn’t have God…We do! We must put our faith in God that he will either fix the situation or give us the grace to bear it.

Our hearts must be truly open to receiving whatever God allows in our lives. God wants us to make him responsible for taking care of us. So lets just do just that…give Him sole responsibility over our lives.


Heavenly Father, in the name of Jesus, first I want to thank you for your goodness, your mercy and your patience. There are many times that I have needed your forgiveness and I thank you that you have always been there. Lord God, I pray for your strength to trust you when I don’t understand what you are doing. Lord, I pray that you will keep me when I have become doubtful and discouraged about tomorrow…please make your will clear to me Father. Help me to accept all of your decisions concerning my life and I will always be careful to give you the praise. In Jesus name I pray…Amen

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No Compromise


Have we tilted the cross in our favor?

Stand your ground as a Believer. 

It might get hard to live a life following God’s word but stand.

If you have to stand alone, stand!

If you have to cry alone…stand!

Bear your cross alone, stand!

Wear your crown alone in the presence of your Savior,

Knowing all that you had to go through not to compromise,

Persecuted crosses, experienced many loses all to realize,

That they had to tear down the symbol of the cross that our Savior might be crowned.


For us He went all the way!!!

Decisions were made because He did,

No one took His life but he laid it down,

He went to the cross instead of you…

Why? Because He wanted too.

So since you are blood brought and mercy sought…

You have to stand.

Give Him your all because He died instead of you.

No Compromise.

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(Revised) Making An Impact Podcast Episode 2, Taking Responsibility for Your Life



This short podcast talks about taking ownership for the mistakes and gains that we have made in our lives.

We can’t grow or go to the next level until we are ready to own the level we are on first.

Enjoy and be blessed.

Leadership Principle #2


Leaders Plug In

Just imagine you are ready to deliver the most important presentation of your life.  You know that when you deliver this PowerPoint the boss will definitely take notice of you. The boss will have you in mind for that promotion.

However, you are standing in front of your CEO, SES or Manager (whoever can make the magic happen) and you go to deliver your presentation only to discover that your projector is not plugged in.

This is how we are with God at times.  God is looking for us to do great things for the kingdom of God but when it comes time for us to present him…well we are just not plugged in.

Take Time To Charge Your Batteries


I believe in order to be an effective leader we must plug into prayer, praise and worship before we do anything.  A person that goes without God is truly walking blindly an are running off of their battery reserves.

The Bible says in Psalms 119:130, “The entrance of Your words gives light; It gives understanding to the simple.”

We must allow the power of God to enter out hearts like electricity enters your favorite labtop or computer.

Jesus Must Be “The” Power Source


Make quiet time with God your #1 priority.

Leaders must value the charging period with God because it is the time where they will be empowered. Don’t put off the charging period in order to do your own thing.

Someone is saying, “Well I am not a leader, so charging my spiritual power source is not necessary.” Well, I want to tell you that yes you are a leader even if it is only leading yourself.

It is so important for every person to have that time with God growing and being empowered. God is the lifeline to the success of every believer. It is imperative that we not forsake that time being plugged into the Master.

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Making An Impact Podcast, Episode 1 Seizing Your Opportunity



Have you ever found yourself missing out because of fear, doubt or unbelief? I truly believe we miss out on God size opportunities. Hey check out this weekly podcast, “Making An Impact. I hope it will be a blessing to you . The Bible says, “Iron sharpens iron.”

Be blessed fam. P.S please comment it would be great to know your thoughts.

God’s Got “It.”


No matter what that “It” is, God’s got “It.”  We spend so much time looking for that thing that will bring us perpetual happiness that we miss God. God is trying to lead us into greener pastures but we are so infatuated with doing our own thing that we become blinded and lose our way.

God is where we will find a fulfilling and lasting connection.  He will “scratch that itch.”

This is why we must spend time seeking Him daily. Matthew 6:33 says, “But seek first the kingdom of God and His righteousness, and all these things shall be added to you.

We must make the kingdom of God first priority in our lives and those other things will be apart of the plan.

We must make God our yes.  When God is our yes and amen then he will know he is first in our lives. Why would God gives us more then we can handle? Why would our loving God bless us with treasures, when he knows we are only going to make idols of them?

Our walk with God is important and it reveals alot about us. If we only walk with God when we are in trouble then this behavior reveals a one sided relationship. If we walk with God through the thick and the thin then this behavior reveals that you are a Christian that, comes “Hell or High Water” God is your “Yes and Amen.”

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