Word of the day! (Chewing the fat)


Do we understand the power of the spoken word?  The Bible says that, ” Death and Life are in the power of the tongue.”  We must ask the Lord to help us watch what comes from our mouths.

It is easy just to speak candidly without a thought in the world.  If we just watch a moment of our political discourse here in America you will see people, “Chewing the Fat.”

Chewing the fat is just saying alot of nothing.  Take steak for instance.  Steak is good but when you eat a fatty part of the meat it can cause some unpleasantness.  It is the same to God.  

I believe whenever we just speak without considering the situation it can be a dangerous thing. 

People are not only watching our walk as Christians but they are also listening to what comes forth out of our mouths.  If we have potty mouths or speak with discouraging speech how can we be seen as real contenders for the gospel of Christ.
Thats my 2 Cents spin it how you want!