You Are Significant

No purpose is to big or small when God is in it. We often feel as if our gifts are insignificant if they aren’t gifts that propels us onto the big stage. 

However, this thinking is not true nor is it healthy.

I love the spoken word or poetry as we use to call it. I have recently rekindled my love for poetry. 

My poetry is Christian in origin but what I have discovered is that God’s Spirit speaks to us in many ways.

I find it amazing how He can speak to the psalmist, the musician, the preacher, the lay member and even the poet…All glory to God.

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Armed And Dangerous

This piece speaks about putting on your weapons of war and arming yourself against the world.  Enjoy and please comment feed back is welcomed.

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GOD-ETRY is spoken word enfused with soul.  I hope you will be blessed by GOD-ETRY…spoken word that is more than just a poem, more than just a form of art. 
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A Desired Truth. Teaching on Honesty..wav – SoundCloud

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