The Evolution of Blog

This was a fun and nice read. This is true there is a blog evolution happening. Blogging techniques and tactics must evolve if we are to be successful.

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Wow break out the popcorn and raisin-nets with this post because we are in for a ride.
Great post.


July 29 – Living Sacrifice

A must read!!!This post left me like wow! Please click the YouTube video and watch the young ladies that serenaded God with so much passion and heart for worship. Then I read the post. I have a thing against long post but when they are good then they are good. Trust me…this one is good.

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An Impact Minute. ย Are You Pursuing Your Passion. Making An Impact Christian Podcast Show.

This minute podcast is about pursuing passion. What are you passionate about?  Are you passionate about your dreams, family, ministry your buisness? But check out Making An Impact Christian Podcast Show. Pursue Your Passion

When is it Time to Attend Couples Counseling

This is a must read. Though I can’t give you an endorsement for the business side of this post because I haven’t used them.

However, this article is filled with great content. Don’t ignore the red flags…Everyone can use couch time from time to time…๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜‰

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My husband is my partner, not my owner

Hmmm…Should I or shouldn’t I repost this post went through my mind. This is a controversial subject in some households and in some relationships.

You are not the boss of me! This statement is echoed through some homes in this world. However,if we never learn that marriage and relationships should be filled with partnership then we will fail all the time. Great post.

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