Dealing with Shame (1 min read)

Great post. “Shame is real but Grace and Mercy is immeasurable.” Check out the post.

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How to Finally Get Your Blog Off the Ground (2 min read)

What a wonderful post. Enjoy bloggers…Must read.

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He thinks of me. He really does!

Man, I love happiness and especially love. It makes me think of my wife. This was a good post thank you. If you want to root for someone then read this article.

“Don’t buy the farm before you check for termites. The only way you will see them its with time.”

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Receive Answers To Prayer

This was such a timely post. I praise Gof for you Pureglory. This is a must read.

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Are We Grounded By The Word ?

Hey check out this article. Are we grounded by the word? This is a great question.

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Battling Insecurity

This is a must read for those of us that fight our inner Clark Kent or Kara before she becomes Super Girl.

We often fight against those insecurities when we carelessly try to measure ourselves against someone else’s them.

Source: Battling Insecurity