The Word Of The Day

We are living in a time where truth and facts are extremely convoluted. Well let me correct this statement so that my argument might not be misunderstood.

It is not truth or facts that are convoluted but it is the vehicle of semantics and symbolism that has been hijacked.

We have so many people willing to drink the koolaid because they want to win the argument of better. What do you mean by the argument of better? This is a great question!

The argument of better says, “Because my side seems right then my side of things are better then yours.” We know factually that this statement is not accurate and it is empty, however; this point of view is used every day in the public discourse.

If we can speak alternative misrepresentations into the atmosphere with enough loud voices then we could actually curry favor to support untruths.

We see this type of behavior all the time on social platforms. People spin lies and though others may rebuff them with truth… lies seem to prevail. Why? Why doesn’t truth prevail in a social culture?

I believe truth doesn’t prevail in a social culture because truth adds a period to the end of social conversation. So people who lie constantly never want to hear the truth so they avoid it with all costs because their is a mirror reflecting their values.

Whenever truth is added into the mix lies cannot prevail because truth lifts up a standard against them. Truth demands transparency. Truth illuminates.

So my word of the day is Truth.

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