You Were made to Fly

What an encourage read this morning. We can often allow Satan to stop our dreams, slow our purpose in God because we spend too much time trying to fulfill an agenda that God never intended for us to fill. Thanks

Daughters with Purpose

This was dropped in my spirit after reading a fellow bloggers praise report this morning. Most of us that were gifted to write, write. Whether its just journaling for our own purposes, blogging, writing poetry, or becoming an author; something on the inside of us wants to get out. The seedling has burst, it has taken root in our souls and now the branches and leaves want to reach for the Heavens.

That holds true for any calling. Whatever it is He placed on the inside of you will eventually come out. It’s the enemies job to see that whatever it is, is aborted and never sees the light of day. It’s his top priority to keep you from reaching for the Heavens and fulfilling you divine assignment. He does that with self-doubt, indecisiveness, procrastination, distractions and a whole host of other things that will take precedence over your calling…

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