A Small Tip For Big Minds

You know I can find myself buzzing like a busy bee.  I am doing this thing and doing that thing but at the end of the day…I have been busy but not effective. 

 I think this is something we must guard against, The willingness to be busy for the sake of saying, “I am busy.” 

Let us map out our lives and become more strategic in our planning and doing.  

So the next time busy shows up tell busy, “you don’t have time because you are too busy being effective.”

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Practice these every day

AL stover,

I loved the positive energy of your post. These are some great key principles that we can benefit from to become impactful in our everyday lives…Thanks so much.

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“So true are the hands that perceived that that they could be burned by the hot coals.”

This was a great post about instinct. I know some of us had wished we listened before we took that job, enrolled in that school. Great post check it out.


10 Ways to Get Your Readers Every Time (3 min read)

I think these are great tips. I don’t believe that every tip is right for every blogger. However, with that being said there are ten tips…choose one or two or three. Great post.

Source: 10 Ways to Get Your Readers Every Time (3 min read)

A Desired Truth. Teaching on Honesty..wav – SoundCloud

Listen to A Desired Truth. Teaching on Honesty..wav by Making An Impact Christian Podcast Show #np on #SoundCloud

Excuse Me Are Those Your Keys

Take it back!  You may say, ” What?” And my answer is you. The key to your happiness will never be found in man so stop making extra keys for people to unlock and own your heart.  Thats a place for two people…YOU AND GOD! 

 I realized when I married my wife that if I wasn’t whole on the inside I would just drain all the life out of her.  You are responsible for your own happiness stop putting that pressure on someone else to do.  It’s not fair!  

It’s your key keep it in your pocket.  Just because you are in love and married doesn’t mean you can’t have your own identity.