What Living On Purpose Is Really All About

This was a great post.  Bless God for 200 followers that support this blog!!!  

But let’s talk about living on purpose.  The author said,This is when you wake up every morning, knowing that you are on the path where you want to be, no matter what others might say.

To know how to live on purpose, you need to know the missing piece that will complete the puzzle. What is this piece? It is discovering that your ultimate purpose is to give, not to get.”

I thought this was a great article.  This post helped to put some things in order on how to live on purpose.

Thanks for this good info I might talk a bit about this on my next podcast Making An Impact Christian Podcast Show. 

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10 Ways to Get Your Readers Every Time (3 min read)

I think these are great tips. I don’t believe that every tip is right for every blogger. However, with that being said there are ten tips…choose one or two or three. Great post.

Source: 10 Ways to Get Your Readers Every Time (3 min read)