The Journeyman (Poetry)


There was no place to lay His head;

A kingdom not able to be realized;

A wicked world of closed hearts and eyes;

Sensual, yet not alive;

Created to be alive, yet dead;

God’s creation had gone awry;

A machine who chose to reject the Operator;

A creation with child like character, with no site of maturing;

A people wanting to control themselves;

A spirit that rather rebel then to humble itself under almighty God;

A people that had lost the sense of what it meant to be kept by God;

The JourneyMan surname, “Savior”;

Fully God, fully Man and fully Creator;

He journeyed a long way from home;

With one goal in mind, “humanity”;

A noble cause one might exclaim;

Death was the only remedy for the sickness that sin had caused;

Perfection of the law demanded a price to be paid, that only a perfect lamb without blemish could pay;

Sin had crept into the holy place and turned over the alter and ruined the sacrifice;

But God replaced the sacrifice with one who could make atonement, for the wrong caused by man;

Jesus Christ became that sacrifice, that we might have a chance once again at eternal life;

The JourneyMan, off he went to His throne in a distant land until he will descend again.

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Hand In Hand (Poetry)


Mi Amor

I went, She went,

To a place, a destination prepared just for us to meet,

Though I never knew her,

She went, a college student sent,

Planted by God, on a mission to shine,

I went, escaping the madness of life to a place of calm and solace,

I finally had my own, a place to call home,

Chosen were we,

I found my calm on a snowy February day in blizzard like conditions,

Knee high up to my thigh in snow,

But not even a blizzard could hold me back from my place of destiny,

Short in stature, beautiful jet black hair down her back, smile that could replace the sun,

Rolled into the place of destiny around about December, you see!

She arrived 2 months earlier than me,
I said, “this had to be destiny”, she lived three floors above me!

She never knew my name, never thought one time that destiny had chosen her to be,

But I understood the time was now,

If I was going to wake up to sun shine for the rest of my life,

I had to do something, I’ve never done,

I had to say something, I’ve never said,

When God presented me with a shot,

I went, She went,

We went together!

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