Forgiveness…The Milk For The Heart

Forgiveness is the milk for the heart. This is a hard thing to forgive.  It is hard to forgive someone that has wounded you deeply.  If the truth can be told sometimes it can be hard to forgive yourself for causing the offence.

However, this was the very premise by which  Jesus taught. Jesus taught pray for those that despitefully use you…even if they betray you with a kiss. So I pray that we will each learn to forgive in the good and bad times.

I pray that God will be able to soften our hearts where we have felt the need to build walls to protect them.

Don’t go another day feeling bitter. Let the joy and love in your heart heal some one else while it is healing you.

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New Bridges To Build


Sometimes we can spend too much time trying to clean up our past that we neglect the present.

The present provides us a new day to get our hearts right. A new day to gain prospective and insight on how and why I treat that person the way I did.  Whether good bad or indifferent the present offers us another portion of grace.

The present can also provide those person that have been wounded and hurt to find a place of mercy and forgiveness in their hearts for the offender.

If we can be honest its because of our messed up minds and hearts that offences come.  Sometimes it can be how we perceive a certain situation. Sometimes it can be because of how we were raised.

Nevertheless, if our hearts and minds are confused, self-centered,  bitter, selfish or bruised then there is a good chance that we will inflict pain on someone, (namely someone we love).

We all at some point will make mistakes.  We might even offend people sometimes. However, how do we excel in the present when we have damaged the past?  Well, I think we will have to embrace heart-felt repentance and humility.

We are incapable of time travel.  Back to the Future was a great movie about time travel.  However, in reality there is no time travel but there is humility.  I am “sorry” is a real word and can be extremely powerful when it is given in a sincere manner. Please forgive me for hurting you! Is a real statement when it is followed by sincerity.

So instead of trying to fix past all the time, how about spendingtime using the presence to be a better you.  When we become better within then we can truly offer heart-felt healing to others.

So, I believe we need to spend more time fixing our offences by humbling ourselves and building new bridges.  Spendtime fixing the presence and somehow it always makes the past a little bit easier to leave in the past.

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