Pray, It Is Prayer Priority TIME

Now it was the day of Preparation for the Passover; and it was about noon. He said to the Jews, “Here is your King!” They cried out, “Away with him! Away with him! Crucify Him!”…

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We All Have Buckets

There is no fear in love, perfect love drives out fear. 1 John 4:18

What a wonderful opening. I loved the contents of this post.

Your substance means everything. I am encouraging readers to check out this post. Our strength in every situation is found in Jesus especially in our darkest moments. Be blessed and thank you.

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Last Minute Miracles

What a great post it really touched my heart because people can be in parallel places and never even know it…
I love this quote from the article, “But I realized today that God is never early or late. His faithfulness comes, often times at the very last minute.”
Guys this is a great read get your box of tissues ready.

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The Journeyman (Poetry)


There was no place to lay His head;

A kingdom not able to be realized;

A wicked world of closed hearts and eyes;

Sensual, yet not alive;

Created to be alive, yet dead;

God’s creation had gone awry;

A machine who chose to reject the Operator;

A creation with child like character, with no site of maturing;

A people wanting to control themselves;

A spirit that rather rebel then to humble itself under almighty God;

A people that had lost the sense of what it meant to be kept by God;

The JourneyMan surname, “Savior”;

Fully God, fully Man and fully Creator;

He journeyed a long way from home;

With one goal in mind, “humanity”;

A noble cause one might exclaim;

Death was the only remedy for the sickness that sin had caused;

Perfection of the law demanded a price to be paid, that only a perfect lamb without blemish could pay;

Sin had crept into the holy place and turned over the alter and ruined the sacrifice;

But God replaced the sacrifice with one who could make atonement, for the wrong caused by man;

Jesus Christ became that sacrifice, that we might have a chance once again at eternal life;

The JourneyMan, off he went to His throne in a distant land until he will descend again.

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