This was a great article very practicle and easy to apply principles. Thank you for this great read.

There is no magic wand in this journey called life. It is up to us to focus and put our feet to the grind.

However, in this article the author challenges us to leave our comfort zones per say and think outside the box.
Thank you.



The Patient Pursuit – Guest post by Michaela

I love that there are people still saving themselves for marriage. This is diffently a topic that I will be podcasting on in the near future. God stills captives the heart and infuses his will in the lives of two lover’s that will not partake of the forbidden fruit before it’s time. Great article.

Source: The Patient Pursuit – Guest post by Michaela

From Training Wheels To Ten Speeds


Life will be made or broken at the place where we meet and deal with obstacles.

E. Stanley Jones

Sometimes we may encounter let downs…Some one may get the promotion over us, we may be down sized on our jobs, a person that was once our subordinate has now become our boss. 

We will all suffer set backs and disappointments in our lives.

  But what we do in those situations will ultimately shape who we are.

Immature people will become jealous and hate on the person that was rewarded the promotion in their stead. A mature person will feel hurt and looked over but they realize that they have a job to do and there will be something better along the way.

Which one are you?  How is your character? Do you turn into the green eyed monster or do you suffer disappointment and recognize that feelings of jealously and immaturity are not for the mature and get back in line?

If we all can be honest…We have experienced what it feels like to be left out and how it feels to be slightly envious of another. However, we don’t have to stay there. Jesus has given us power over the flesh to live a life of maturity.

Yes, someone you feel that is less deserving may get that promotion but what are you going to do? How are you going to act?

So wherever you fall look to improve, none of us are finished products. We have Jesus for a reason and those that are his servants know what the reason is (we are a mess without Him).

So keep this in mind: Adversity doesn’t have to derail us it truly can make us better.