Your Date Must Be Qualified Not Just Cute

Relationships are extremely important. Believe it or not choosing a partner will arguably be one of the most important decisions of your life. 

It amazes me how we can be so focused on money, clothes and carreers and totally be disengaged with the quality of our souls and who we choose to live in our space.

 Just because she is beautiful doesn’t make her qualified to walk with you.  Just because he is handsome shouldn’t give him the key to your heart.

 You must be qualified!

Treat dating and choosing a partner like finding your dream job.  Don’t be afraid to ask the hard questions upfront.

Keep this in mind? Who you allow in your space will impact your life.

But what do I know? It’s is only your life we’re talking about right? ๐Ÿ˜‰


Forgiveness…The Milk For The Heart

Forgiveness is the milk for the heart. This is a hard thing to forgive.  It is hard to forgive someone that has wounded you deeply.  If the truth can be told sometimes it can be hard to forgive yourself for causing the offence.

However, this was the very premise by which  Jesus taught. Jesus taught pray for those that despitefully use you…even if they betray you with a kiss. So I pray that we will each learn to forgive in the good and bad times.

I pray that God will be able to soften our hearts where we have felt the need to build walls to protect them.

Don’t go another day feeling bitter. Let the joy and love in your heart heal some one else while it is healing you.

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Mike Anthoni

Abundant Thinkersย 

A replica plane that the Wright Brothers Flew.

We journeyed to Kitty Hawk N.C to vacation.  While on vacation we embarked on a life changing mission to see where the Wright Brothers changed history forever.

This is a marker of the first successful flight..

The Bible says, “don’t despise small beginnings.”

 This is where I had to improve my thinking.

 I use to equate success with fulfillment.  However, this concept of thought is flawed and dangerous.  True success is built from many wins and losses.  When we fail if we are wise we will look to see what could we’ve learned from our setbacks? And how much success did I achieve in my attempt to succeed?

Yard Marker two the flight was only 5 seconds.

Yard Marker three the flight was 10 seconds longer then the first.

Yard Marker four the final test was 59 seconds.

I believe it is not until we appreciate our failures as well as our successes that we can start experiencing true and lasting progress in our endeavors.  The Wright Brother’s figured this concept out.

 They realized that as long they were progressing forward toward their goal they were truly having lasting success.