This was a great article very practicle and easy to apply principles. Thank you for this great read.

There is no magic wand in this journey called life. It is up to us to focus and put our feet to the grind.

However, in this article the author challenges us to leave our comfort zones per say and think outside the box.
Thank you.



What I learned in five years of blogging

I really enjoyed this post. As a believer in Jesus Christ you know the word’s perservance and the phrase never give up fairly well.

I liked this paragraph, “I don’t consider myself to be naturally talented in any area of life, but I know with absolute certainty one thing: that if you put in the time and the effort, you can become at least somewhat good at anything; anything at all.

That’s the great secret of success, in any endeavor whatsoever.” Great post…thanks

Source: What I learned in five years of blogging

A Pound of Sweat, A Bag Of Seed [Seizing Your Opportunities]


Give me six hours to chop down a tree and I will spend the first four sharpening the axe.

Abraham Lincoln

Autumn is great. It marks the changing of the seasons.  Autumn like no other season has the aptitude or the knack of reminding us, how hard work will produce much.

Look at the leaves how they begin to change colors signifying how great the harvest was. What was planted can’t hide because of the colorful leaves and beautiful buds that have reach the epics of their prosperity. 

Maturity is all in the air.

I believe this can some up our lives. Maybe not all of our lives but some.  When we seek to prepare ourselves by preparation …We place ourselves in positon to receive a matured harvest.

When we seek to prepare ourselves by preparation we place ourselves in a position to seize any opportunity given to us and we safe guard ourselves against bad decision making.

Lack of preparation will cause a knee-jerk response that can cause us great ruin. It is the farmer that has sacrificed their sleep, comfort and body that will reap a great harvest.

However, the farmer that sleeps during seed times will not accumulate nor reap a valued harvest only an overgrown, poorly kept field that is only worth a “hill of beans.”

So embrace preparation and watch what you have planted grow into something beautiful…

However, if you have prepared and you see that there is not a harvest at least you can place the blame on the conditions of the ground and not the sower of the seed.

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