Strategic Thinking

Spend time thinking life through.  I have discovered that thinking with strategy in mind has become a lost art.  

We will be surprised how much better our lives can become with just a little strategic thinking.

 Strategic thinking entails seeing life in a way that is clear and concise (one thought at a time). This kind of thinking can be cumbersome. If you are anything like me I like to just do. 

However, the just do mentality has got me in trouble often.  I have become to appreciate strategic thinking. I love to mind map.

Mind Mapping to figure out my thoughts.

When we think strategically it helps us to become more mindful of our duties and responsibilities.  Strategic thinking also helps us rid our minds of the clutter, unwanted thoughts and time wasters that only comes to slow us down.

In this post I will be dealing with only one thought technique in this post.  Okay here it is…thought technique #1.

  1. Make yourself think not react to thoughts.

This principle is easier said then done.  Thinking must be an intentional part of our lives.  This is something that I have not mastered but constantly work at.

Our minds naturally wants to save the world, go shopping, make millions and find happiness and excitement all at once. 

 This approach to thinking sounds good but sorry this is not reality.  My wife tells me all the time, “Mike you can’t do everything.” And you know what she is right!

This is exactly why we must make ourselves think on purpose.  We must choose a direction, vision, goal or purpose we want to flush out and go with it.  

We must make ourselves think Strategic.  This type of thinking is learned, practiced and learned some more.

Well,  I am going to stop there.  I have been making my post short on purpose because I think it’s better that way.😂😂😂

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This was a great article very practicle and easy to apply principles. Thank you for this great read.

There is no magic wand in this journey called life. It is up to us to focus and put our feet to the grind.

However, in this article the author challenges us to leave our comfort zones per say and think outside the box.
Thank you.


Words Of Life…Spoken Word – SoundCloud

Listen to Words Of Life…Spoken Word by Mike Anthoni 

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Abundant Thinkers 

A replica plane that the Wright Brothers Flew.

We journeyed to Kitty Hawk N.C to vacation.  While on vacation we embarked on a life changing mission to see where the Wright Brothers changed history forever.

This is a marker of the first successful flight..

The Bible says, “don’t despise small beginnings.”

 This is where I had to improve my thinking.

 I use to equate success with fulfillment.  However, this concept of thought is flawed and dangerous.  True success is built from many wins and losses.  When we fail if we are wise we will look to see what could we’ve learned from our setbacks? And how much success did I achieve in my attempt to succeed?

Yard Marker two the flight was only 5 seconds.

Yard Marker three the flight was 10 seconds longer then the first.

Yard Marker four the final test was 59 seconds.

I believe it is not until we appreciate our failures as well as our successes that we can start experiencing true and lasting progress in our endeavors.  The Wright Brother’s figured this concept out.

 They realized that as long they were progressing forward toward their goal they were truly having lasting success.

No Compromise


Have we tilted the cross in our favor?

Stand your ground as a Believer. 

It might get hard to live a life following God’s word but stand.

If you have to stand alone, stand!

If you have to cry alone…stand!

Bear your cross alone, stand!

Wear your crown alone in the presence of your Savior,

Knowing all that you had to go through not to compromise,

Persecuted crosses, experienced many loses all to realize,

That they had to tear down the symbol of the cross that our Savior might be crowned.


For us He went all the way!!!

Decisions were made because He did,

No one took His life but he laid it down,

He went to the cross instead of you…

Why? Because He wanted too.

So since you are blood brought and mercy sought…

You have to stand.

Give Him your all because He died instead of you.

No Compromise.

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