Next Level Thinking

I believe one of the keys of growing deeper in God and becoming more in tune with your goals is next level thinking or strategic thinking as I like to call it.

So much around us demands for us to become better thinkers. Think about it?…If you are working a 9 to 5 or you are your own boss it demands that you become a thinker.

You can be a stay home mom or dad; however, if you are not a strategic thinker then things can and will go by the waste side.

So I believe that if we commit ourselves to strategic thinking we too can maximize our lives. … More Next Level Thinking

Battling Insecurity

This is a must read for those of us that fight our inner Clark Kent or Kara before she becomes Super Girl. We often fight against those insecurities when we carelessly try to measure ourselves against someone else’s them. Source: Battling Insecurity