You know I can find myself buzzing like a busy bee.  I am doing this thing and doing that thing but at the end of the day…I have been busy but not effective.   I think this is something we must guard against, The willingness to be busy for the sake of saying, “I am busy.”  … More I’M TOO BUSY


I was mystified by the beautiful ambience in the Aquarium.  From the big screen that captures your image upon entering or the sight of all the assorted fish…, “this place was great.” Suffer yourself to enjoy the little things in life!

Abundant Thinkers 

We journeyed to Kitty Hawk N.C to vacation.  While on vacation we embarked on a life changing mission to see where the Wright Brothers changed history forever. The Bible says, “don’t despise small beginnings.”  This is where I had to improve my thinking.  I use to equate success with fulfillment.  However, this concept of thought … More Abundant Thinkers¬†